Week 21

I have to admit, I have been struggling!  Not easy for me to admit.  I tend to look from the outside, I have it all together.  But that is why I am here!  I know I want to keep learning and growing.  And why am I surprised when its not easy!

My word this week is persistence!  How appropriate!  In my mind, I thought every week would get easier, and I would be sailing through this class, with the time reading and investing in this class. Instead, my focus…..well lets just say, I wasn’t in my prime!  No need to focus on the negative.  Instead I will focus on how I am handling it.

I called out to two of my Master Mind Alliances!  And boy, did they reach out, with lifelines that I am so grateful for.  They both had great insight to different areas that I was struggling with.  One presented me with their “gut feeling” what they felt was possibly going on in a situation/friendship.  And I believe she was spot on, she gave me a different “twist” to what I thought may be going on.  This enabled me to love and move forward with forgiveness and love.

The second mentor, gave me a couple tools to apply to my profession.  Since my “old me” was used to being a on a strict schedule, by having an employer.   The “new me”,  I am the employer and I need to approach my life with new tools and expectations.  One tool, she shared, was with the acronym – RACE.  R=results What are my plans for the week, A=actions List and be clear and decisive, C=challenges There will be challenges, expect them, E=evaluate Be attentive at what I’m doing.

So again, the old blueprint was tugging me, pulling me down.  But I refuse to go back, that would be death!  I choose life!  And know I know, as I “persist” with the new tools from this class and the input from my treasured master minds, I can be what I will to be!


Week 19

Learning, instead of focusing on where I fell I am falling short or not progressing as quickly as I desire. I am choosing to highlight my successes!

I am becoming confident of facing challenges with my mastermind! Instead of throwing out in the universe, to friends and family a conflict I am dealing with and rehashing it in future conversations.  I chose to deal with it once with my mastermind.  And thankful I won’t have to talk about it again with others.  That has been powerful for me.  I am realizing I may not be able to control all situations, but I am able to control how I react and how I chose to deal with it, in a thoughtful way.  And then forgiving and loving them, moving forward.

There is great value in a mastermind, that I have extended that to other areas in my life.  I have a mastermind for my business, one for this class, and will continue to be open to others that enter my life, that could possibly fill this role in other areas.  And be prepared to give back freely, as others have so graciously touched my life with their wisdom.

Week 17


This week in our course, I needed repetition of reading MK 17.  Each day it became a little more clearer.  After I just typed this, I looked down and read “great discoveries are the result of long-continued investigation.”  So it will require years of concentrated efforts to master, the greatest science – that of the Mind. So I won’t be crossing this off my “to do list” soon!

We also learn this week that, such concentration leads to intuitive perception.  Our minds become magnets, the desire to know draws the knowledge, attracts it and makes it our own.  In realizing great thoughts and having great emotions, our mind is in a state where we appreciate the value of higher things.  This sets in motion help, that will come in the nature of information, which leads to a successful life.

Intuition usually comes in the Silence.  Great minds seek solitude frequently, that’s where problems/issues are worked out.  So we are instructed to seek time alone everyday.  Because of my faith, I agree wholeheartedly.  Even Jesus took time away from others.  I am built up in His word and am enlighten and empowered for the day.   I can not depend on my own wisdom and strength.  But this time in the morning, alone empowers me for the day and am enlighten with words of wisdom.  But I still need to chose to take that time and to listen.

It is easy to get caught up in the day with distractions and life issues.  But having this quiet time, it is a refresher and reminder that if “I seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, all these things will be added onto you.”

So I was reminded in MK17, I don’t seek symbols of power, fame, riches, or position. Rather I posses the true source of power, Christ living in me.  I get to the heart of things, spirit of things, I concentrate on courage, abundance, and health.

As I concentrate on these ideals as already an existing fact, this life principle goes forth in motion those causes which will guide, direct, and bring about the necessary relation, and manifest in form.  My new reality.






Week 16

Have you gone through this class and have been thinking, “This week was the best of Master Key!” I loved MK 16! But as I look back I have thought that about the other weeks also!

The “old me” wants to beat myself up that I haven’t put in enough time or effort into this class. But the “new me”, has picked myself up, brushed off the dust and moved ahead, pressing forward. But it has been the grace of God that has inspired me and loved me, to do this. There is no perfection here on this earth, but the DNA downloaded in us, keeps us pressing onto perfection. So I remind myself, that Christ lives in me and I am perfect! Not what I have done, but what he has done for me, at the cross.

The “old me” was a controller. Ask my kids. They will speak the truth! There is no pretending, your kids know you inside and out. And a “look” that you’re not even aware of, is pointed out by your family, is the reminder I am a work in progress. As I keep reading in this class, I am absorbing new truths each and everyday. When the environment, past thinking and negative forms of thought enter in, I am continually tossing them, reminding myself not to entertain them!

So regardless of the thoughts of others, exterior conditions, and my environment, I choose to form my own mental images, with emotion, of my future self. Which I claim now, as my present self! So the results of my Godly thoughts empowered by His strength, gives me courage and determination to live this life of liberty and freedom. These thoughts are constructive, have life, are creative and expanding.

Now the exciting part is….drum roll please! These thoughts are attracting things necessary to complete my desires! I am learning what I visualize, already exists in the spiritual world. If I am faithful to this ideal, have faith, God will weave my future. For He has only the best for me.

As I “sit”, I have to keep a notebook beside me because I am being bombarded with “insights” that I need to do or to research, contemplate more. As long as I am maintaining a Godly mental state of mind, because I have the mind of Christ, the things I desire are a consequence, I have no lack.

Week 15

This week I enjoyed connecting with my mastermind, Leann.  We chatted over the phone and got to know each other better.  I am excited to stay connected with her and be blessed with her volume of experience and wisdom.  Because of her history, she also has a kind, tender spirit.  But yes, she chose to respond to her challenges in this way.  Kudos to you Leann!

This week, I switched things up with our daily readings and assignments.  The Strangest Secret, I downloaded the PDF and read it as I listened to it on YouTube.  I also did this with the BPB, MasterKey Part 15, and GSM, scroll 4.

The project of doing the cards with past experiences and affirmations, seemed silly when I was doing it.  But now going through them, I am amazed at all I have done or accomplished.  It is encouraging and helps me appreciate my past experiences and also personally a boost to my day.

This week number one of Ben Franklin’s makeover list, for me was organization.  I am so excited! Because of my new position in life, I decided to download QuickBooks and enter transactions for the whole year of 2018. And I persisted daily and am now ready for doing our taxes.  And also ready to start out the New Year with a clean slate, and I will do entries every week, to simplify my life.  And also to take advantage of expenses while they are fresh in my mind.

Ready for an amazing 2019!!